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  • 2004
    Funded and jointly managed the acquisition of 3 gas fired merchant power plants in New Jersey under Newmarket Power Company (443 MW)
  • 2005
    Acquired significant stake in Spectrum Power Generations
  • 2006
    Restructured Spectrum Power Generations
  • 2007
    Exited from Newmarket by sale of their interests to Morris Energy Group and TCW
  • 2008
    Improved the performance at Spectrum Power Generations with increased efficiencies, cost reductions and strong management control
  • 2009
    Exited from Spectrum Power Generations by sale of their stake to the current owners
  • 2010
    Acquired minority stake in World Water Works
  • 2011
    Acquired significant stake in World Water Works
  • 2012
    World Water Works established World Water Works India
  • 2013
    World Water Works commences manufacturing activities in India
  • 2014
    Think invested into its solar platform Think Energy Partners Solar India
  • 2015
    Won a tender for 80 MW of solar projects in the State of Telangana
  • 2016
    PPA signed for 80 MW solar projects in the State of Telangana
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