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We, at Think, are certain that our success is a result of the people at Think! Great teams lead to great results. It is this stock that drives our growth engine and sustains its mobility.

Think is a confluence of world cultures, if we consider the diverse backgrounds of our team. They come from across the world and have different backgrounds. Yet, there is a common vision and mission to do well and do good that makes Think a cohesive and an integrated Team.

Some of the common traits that we find across our team includes creativity, entrepreneurship, problem solving skills, honesty, integrity, commitment and most importantly great family members (Think Family). Such self-sustaining traits support team dynamics so as to enable the individual’s growth becomes the stimulant of that of the team, the company and vice versa.

One Family, Diverse Skillsets, & Opportunities, Inclusion & Fostering Entrepreneurship, Socially & Culturally Responsible are the four pillars of our family culture. Think provides an opportunity to work with business leaders and showcase one’s skills across business lines; thus providing a platform for exponential growth in a more socially responsible manner.

Working @ Think

Internship Program


Joining Internship Program at Think is your first step towards joining Think Family.

Internship Program at Think provides an opportunity to work on live projects to students from various discipline. This provides a dynamic platform for students to gain rich experience by working on projects along with our passionate and experienced team.This also provides an opportunity to students to get acquainted with our unique corporate culture and hone their soft skills. Further, students are also encouraged to participate in the cultural and social activities at Think and make their contribution to the society.

Key features of the Internship Program at Think includes working on live projects, working along with our experienced team, interaction with our leaders, participating in various conferences, participating in various social and cultural events, mid -term review to ensure that the program is more meaningful and the like.The program generally ends with a detailed presentation by the student to the management along a detailed report on their experience, their project and their recommendations on how Think can achieve higher level of efficiencies.

Students who believe that they belong to the Think culture, are passionate about working in the clean energy space, are ready to contribute to the society, and ready to take the challenge of working in a fast changing environment; should apply to the Internship Program at Think. Students currently pursuing their studies in Finance, Economics, Engineering and Policy Management and have completed at least one year of degree course from an institution of repute are eligible to apply. Interested applicants can email their candidature to

Current Openings

  • Senior VP – Project Finance, Mumbai
  • AVP – Electrical Design, Hyderabad
  • AVP – Structural Design, Hyderabad
  • Manager –Investment & Commercial, Hyderabad
  • Manager – Investment Analyst, Hyderabad
  • Senior Manager – Power Sales, Hyderabad
  • Assistant Manager – Projects, Nagpur
  • Manager – Technology Selection, Hyderabad
  • Senior Manager – Finance & Accounts, Hyderabad
  • Assistant Manager – IT Security, Hyderabad

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